Friday, December 17, 2010

Purple Heart Day

I took a workshop with artist Ellen Anne Eddy years ago. At the beginning of class, she passed out purple hearts (made out of her hand-dyed fabric). She said something to the effect of, "There, you've all earned or will earn a sewing purple heart. Get over it and get to work!"

I came across the purple heart late last night after a huge row with Iris earlier that evening. They should give out purple hearts for motherhood. Well, I just took Ellen Anne's and reissued it to myself for motherhood.

At the very least, don't you think that our society should give health insurance for people willing to perform the hazardous duty of growing a baby, giving birth and raising a future taxpayer? Apparently, we don't think so.

Economists actually did the math on the point I made in Insufficient Margin. The Present
Value of Producing Future Taxpayers
. Keep in mind that $200,000 is an average value. Higher-earning parents and parents of children that require above average care & resources lose more. In addition to a purple heart, I would like the same lifetime health coverage given to veterans, a thanks every year, and a check accompanying the thank-you note. Is that too much to ask?


  1. In my own point of view, I think that everyone deserves to have their own health insurance because these times are really hard and everyone does get sick easily. That's why as much as possible, I let myself protected by going to Palm Desert insurance and Palm Springs insurance firms and be financially independent.

  2. Well, I think everyone should have health insurance, and parents deserve far more respect and honor. Really. Our future depends on doing it well.


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