Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo tutorial: reclaim the embedded water in a t-shirt

Turn a boxy promotional t-shirt into a fitted shirt that someone would actually wear.

1) Trim off the sleeves and neckline.  Cut the shoulders apart.  If reusing the neck ribbing, carefully pick apart the neckline stitching.

2) Fold the t-shirt along the center front and back.  Lay the pattern pieces on the shirt and cut out the new shirt pieces.  Take advantage of the pre-hemmed fabric, if you can.
3) Attach sleeves made from the reclaimed sleeves, or use a small amount of contrast material as I did here.  Reattach the neckline ribbing and hem (if you didn't preserve the hem as I did above).
In 2012, I've remade about a dozen t-shirts into various other wearable objects, mostly for children. And they are getting worn judging by the cute photos sent to my email inbox.


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