Thursday, July 05, 2012

Modeling behavior

Trena has a really insightful post about how people shop for entertainment because there are so few other options for them where they live.  I left a comment that shopping is also a socially communicable disease.  We learn how to spend our time from how we see others around us spend their time.

This year, Bad Dad and I are focused on teaching our daughter how to safely bike for transportation AND recreation.  (We are also helping her learn how to navigate public transit in metro LA.)

When we were driving up to Point Imperial at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (see map), it reminded me of how much fun Bad Dad and I had riding our bikes, and stopping at every view point, around other national parks and similarly scenic places.  I begged Bad Dad to let me ride the route while he drove behind.  Surprisingly, Iris said she wanted to try it.  Here we are leaving the parking lot at Point Imperial, elevation 8803 feet above sea level.

I am carrying my purse and first aid kit in the left pannier and we are both carrying water.  It was in the upper 70s F and very dry.  You can see the burn scars on many of the trees from past forest fires.  It took us only 15 minutes to cover the 2.6 downhill miles to the junction.

The map I had showed Roosevelt Point at 8400' and visitor center at 8200'.  I expected rolling hills but an overall downhill so Iris wanted to go on.  The switchbacks climbing out of the junction and Greenland lake surprised me with their duration and it turned out to be too hard for her.  It was surprisingly easy for me.  (It must be all those trips to the gym now that I am unemployed.)

I left her at a turnout, confident that Bad Dad was minutes away with the minivan/sag wagon.  Iris took this picture of my bum as they passed me.  This is the kind of alpine riding I did every summer weekend in the Boulder foothills in my 20s.
It was so much fun, and I was so happy that my daughter could share part of that.  See my big smile?

The air is also somewhat hazy with smoke from fires that dot the southwest.  She was also suffering from altitude and smoke inhalation.  It's a complete mystery how I was able to ride without resorting to the inhaler in the first aid kit.  Fortunately, we had a bit of rain at the North Rim (AZ) and in Northern New Mexico; more relief is on the way.  This year, we will not complain about the rain on our vacation.

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  1. I completely agree that shopping is a decease, then I am definitely developed a strong immunity (on the borderline with allergy) to it. :)
    Gorgeous pictures of you on the bike! I really need to develop interest in _some_ sport activity!


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