Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A PSA from the ladies at Fabrix

I drove my mom around San Francisco yesterday to run errands.  We stopped by Fabrix on the corner of 2nd and Clement street (aka SF's real chinatown).

The ladies who work at Fabrix want you to come in and help them clear out the rolls before the fire marshall shuts them down.  There is fabric stacked everywhere, even in the aisles and on the cutting table.  While I was there, they joked about how their boss, Bruce, is persona non grata because they were barely able to clear the fabric he stacked on the cutting table in his last trip, and he was on the way with another load.

They have some fantastic silks and woolens, but I don't have the lifestyle to properly use them.  I did my share and bought a bag of great knits (cotton/lycra and RPL).  Do stop by before the fire marshalls. ;-)

Satin Moon is one block away, at 44 Clement street.  We ate 0.2 mi away at Taiwan Restaurant, where you can experience real Taiwanese snacks (dumplings, street snack food and meals).  While you are there, drop by Green Apple Books, one of the finest independent bookstores anywhere.  The storefront picture does not indicate its true size.  GAB has an odd configuration of two narrow street-level storefronts (with another store in the middle) and a contiguous second story that covers all three stores.


  1. Glad to see you were able to fabric shop in SF. I hope your visit goes well.

  2. Yowza! I'll have to try and make it up there this weekend. Thank you for the alert.

    Rose in SV


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