Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stop the looting at the Detroit Institute of Arts

Tyler Green has been active in reporting about the situation in Detroit. He has designated today A Day for Detroit. Each hour, he will blog one piece of artwork that could be lost to the public if the Detroit Institute of Arts' collection is auctioned off by Christie's to pay Detroit's creditors. You can read more at the DFP.  WTF, it's not even clear that Detroit has ownership of the works at DIA.

Tyler is encouraging others to blog about their favorite pieces of art at DIA. How to choose? There are so many good ones.  I don't have much time this week, but I just want to show you this wonderful work by Donald Sultan, Oranges on a branch March 14, 1992.  Please click through to enjoy it in gloriously high resolution.

Join the DIA.  Join at the Affiliate level for just $180 and you gain reciprocal admission to hundreds of north American museums including dozens in California.  It's a great deal, tax deductible, and will help a city in crisis save their patrimony from vultures and looters.

To quote Tyler Green, "If you live in Michigan, tell your elected officials that the future of Detroit is important to you and that you don’t support a fire sale of the city’s future."

Please, please, please, pay attention to the stories about museum "deaccessioning" in Detroit and around the country.  This is a breach of trust to donors and a looting of the public patrimony.

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