Saturday, August 03, 2013

Huntington Summer Evenings

One of my favorite summer delights is the Huntington Library and Gardens Summer Evenings.  Gardens open for members only 5:30 to 8:00.  Bring your own picnic or order one of theirs.  Lay your blanket out on the great lawn to enjoy a free concert.  The kids dance spontaneously on the lawn, the paths, and any open spot.  Cuteness overload.

Alternatively, find a quiet corner elsewhere and enjoy the balmy, but comfortable temperatures of summertime in Pasadena.  We like to hike over to the Chinese gardens and sit on the deck overlooking the water.

We can usually find an open table.  Sometimes, groups have to share tables (and exchange home-made picnic fare).  It's all fun and friendly.

Kids run around the lake.  Koi cruise up, hoping for some food.  Dusk at the lake with the mountains in the background is magical.  Iris and I bring sketchbooks and watercolor pencils and attempt to capture the scenery.

Just bring the bug repellant and you will have a great time.

The remaining Summer Evenings for 2013 are Aug 4 and Aug 19.  Reserve your parking pass ASAP.

Membership levels begin at $120/year.  It's worth it if, like me, you enjoy watching gardens change with the seasons.  I take out of town visitors there often and their jaws drop when they see and experience it.  The art collection is impressive.  We love the history of science hall.

Pennamite was awarded access to their research library and I might apply for access as well.  I am interested in studying their history of science materials with an eye to writing about them here.

Right now, they are featuring a show on textile arts from Californian collections!

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  1. Ah, these have been on our "visit one of these times" list for awhile.

    We almost decided to head up your way in a couple of weeks- my parents are coming over and giving us a couple of nights away. But I have had a really awful run at work, and am so fried that I don't even feel like proper touristing. So we are going to our "usual" spot in the OC. We might head over to Huntington harbor for some kayaking, but that is likely to be the extent of our exploring!


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