Monday, August 26, 2013

Still here (barely)

4 girls, three day sleepover.

Sewed 8 knit tops in 3 days--10 yards and 3 Ts from the refashioning pile out of the sewing room.  3 of the 4 girls helped.  Guess which one didn't.

The Bernette/Juki 334DS serger finally bit the dust after 18 good years together.  (Do a PhD thesis, childbirth, scary illness and recovery count as good years together?)

I've learned to thread the Pfaff serger in < 10 minutes and my times are still decreasing.

One girl collected.  Two more will be collected tonight.

High school starts tomorrow.

Consoling 4 best friends going off to 3 schools in 2 states.

Identical twin shirts to confuse teachers on the first day of school .

One twin is a righty, the other is a lefty for perfect mirror images.  Now, if only I can remember which one is the lefty.

Should be taking the Stat2.3x final today.  In a sample of 4 girls,  2 are left-handed.  Can you test the null hypothesis that the prevalence of left-handedness is 10%?  If so, which test would you run?  What is the p-value?


  1. :) It sounds cray cray over there, but it will settle down soon.

  2. You survived! :)

    Rose in SV

  3. First day of high school. That's kinda huge. I hope all went well :)


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