Monday, July 21, 2014

A tale of two weekends

A quiet weekend sewing in the Boulder apartment.  After shifting some things around, I found a workable and productive layout.

Enjoying the views at the Getty Center while walking between exhibitions with Bad Dad.

Dining choices in Gardena's Tozai Plaza.  We ate at Lee's Tofu.  Many types of kim chi, yum!

Iris was home for two nights between sessions of CTY camp.  How can you tell a 13 yo is happy to see you?  Can you clue me in to the subtle signs?


  1. This is off topic but every time I see references to food trucks in the States I keep saying, "we have to go back and go to some of these next visit".

    1. Next time, you need to spend more time in LA. We can visit LACMA, eat at the food trucks across the street from LACMA, and shop at Mood.

  2. She's happy to see you. There are no signs.

  3. From 13 to 18 they are inscrutable. Then they start to switch back to affectionate again.

  4. The signs will be obvious if she's UNhappy to see you. No signs = a good thing. ;-)

  5. It has been years, but my experience goes with the majority above. I would agree with the above comments. If she was unhappy to see you, you would know.


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