Saturday, July 26, 2014

Motion Picture

In case you can't get enough of the mesmerizing waves.

Taken from my office window last week.

NCAR fields a huge number of weather instruments, some experimental, some operational.  If you want to know how (quantitively) windy it was, just check the real-time weather feed for either the Foothills lab

or the Mesa lab.
Bad Dad and I are trying to find a permanent home in Boulder after my apartment lease is up. He wonders why I have such a prejudice against the condos on upper Table Mesa, near the Mesa Lab and open space?  I refuse to even look at them even though they fit our size, price and commute criteria.

Take a careful look at the vertical scale.  At first glance, it looks like northeast Boulder (Foothills lab) experiences windy weather more often than southwest Boulder (Mesa lab).   Maximum winds at Mesa lab are twice as fast.  Notice the nocturnal jets around midnight.  I have enough trouble falling asleep without that kind of wind.

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