Monday, July 28, 2014

Errand Adventure

My weekends in Boulder are never long enough because I need to squeeze in housework, errands, seeing friends and outdoor activities (major reasons to move back here besides a great job).  Luckily, I am an experienced multi-tasker and Boulder boasts an extensive bicycle network.
I mapped out my errand run route below:
The Bear Creek bike path starts right at the entrance to my apartment complex. Because the path crosses under major roads, I can travel faster to many places by bike than by car.
  1. 14 minutes from my house and I was at Peet's coffee (Berkeley coffee in Boulder!) to buy my pre-ground coffee for the following week.  I enjoyed my complimentary cup of coffee while sharing the table outside with a huge flatirons view with another cyclist.
  2. Then a quick hop across the parking lot to Trader Joe's for a few items that ran out since my last big shopping trip by car.  I brought an ice pack and lunch cooler for refrigerated items.
  3. Cross 28th street, aka highway 36, at Walnut to purchase a new LED front bike light at REI.
  4. Go out the back way to 26th to Elfriede's Fine Fabrics at 26th and Canyon.  Purchase white blouse fabric and then wait out brief rainstorm while perusing her collection of Threads magazine.  Gorgeous rainbow after the rain.
  5. North on 26th and then west on Walnut to downtown and the Boulder Army Store for cord locks.
  6. East on Pearl and south on 17th to the Boulder Creek path.  Then east on the Boulder Creek path until the 28th street frontage road that links to the Bear Creek path. Encountered stiff southerly headwinds at this point and needed to convince myself that this gives me a better workout.
I rode all but a few blocks of this loop on class 1 bike paths or on-street bike lanes and routes. (These distinctions mean something to transportation planners and cyclists in the know.)

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