Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to school sewing

Does anyone else hate deadline sewing as much as I do?  When I lived with my family, I could just finish one thing at a time and sneak it into Iris' closet for her to discover.  Now that I visit them once every 2-3 weeks, I am always in a rush to finish things before the next trip.

Sigh.  First world problems.  I have it pretty cushy and see my family way more often than the women described in Global Woman.

As I mentioned earlier, some of Iris' clothes (made by me in 2009 and 2010 and worn until 2014) were falling apart.  They were not fit to give to her cousin or Goodwill.  We cut them apart and threw them in the rag bag.

I made her another pair of knit shorts.  This fantastic cotton/lycra jersey might have come from Fabrix and is a lovely shade of steel blue/gray in real life.  She originally wanted to replace her olive and black swirly skirts with similar skirts.  But, I didn't have a suitable black knit.  She got a black ponte pencil skirt instead.

On the last day of the ESIP meeting, they gave away all the leftover t-shirts--all in sizes XL to 5XL. This 3XL was resewn (Kwik Sew 2555) into a nightgown for Iris. I refashioned the 5XL into a nightgown for me.  I still have one 3XL left if any data geeks want one.  Readers who cook dinner for me frequently may even get the t-shirt refashioned into their size and tie-dyed in their choice of colors.
Originally, Iris said that she didn't need any more tops; I had purchased three knit tops for her and she had purchased one for herself*.  However, I couldn't resist sewing Kwik Sew 4014 for her because the top looked so cute on the model.  Doesn't the model in the leopard shirt resemble my daughter?
I had a little bit of black cotton/lycra jersey left for the contrast.
I went to the Colorado Fabrics sale yesterday and came home with 5/8 yard of "steampunk" scuba knit.  Well, I came home with other stuff, too.  ;-)
The nylon/lycra knit is digitally printed with black and the three printers' primaries.
Iris and I are still discussing which pattern to use. It may not get done before my next trip to CA. That will not be a tragedy as this knit doesn't breathe. It will become a cool-weather top for sure.

In case you are interested, I got the black ponte at Trash for Teaching, the olive and black stretch jerseys from SAS Fabrics, and the elastic and interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply.

* The t-shirt she bought at a mall store ripped after just a few wearings.  I think she learned an important lesson about disposable clothing at stores where I refuse to shop.  I'm so glad that our LA neighborhood has an abundance of thrift/vintage stores and that she has friends that think it is cool to shop thrift/vintage.  Between those stores, and letting her shop my closet, I don't have to make that many clothes from scratch.  Whew!

Before you congratulate me on thriftiness, I should admit that 6 weeks of camp this summer for Iris cost more than 3 semesters at Berkeley (when I was an undergrad).  We take a market basket approach to raising children.  You win some, you lose some.  We look at the big picture.


  1. Nice print choice.

    1. Yes, I succumbed to both the scuba and florals on black trends. But it is so pretty and I know she will love it. I think I shop for her when I miss her.

  2. I'm wearing a tunic made from Trash for Teaching jersey right now. (Not nearly as nicely made, of course.)

  3. birdmommy11:21

    My inlaws rant and rave when they hear how much we spend on summer camps for our 8 year old son. My feeling is that his 'basic' education (public school) is free, and we're just paying for his 'enhanced' education. Put that way, it's a lot cheaper than sending him to private school!


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