Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another bike ride

I took a 360 degree movie of the view from the westernmost bridge of the Boulder creek bike path. It was easier this time. I hope this reflects better physical conditioning.

The leaves are dropping and the fall colors are past their peak here. The water is low. But I do love to watch the light shimmer off the top of the water and listen to the water and the wind from this spot. I can do without the roar of traffic. ;-)

Oh, and this is drying on my bedroom floor.  I am way behind in knit blogging, so stay tuned.


  1. What s that going to be? It is a beautiful pattern.

    1. It's an Aran pattern recast as a bolster cover. I didn't think it through. a 6" diameter x 12" long bolster seems very small, but calculate the area. Then multiply by two bolsters. That's about as much knitting as half an adult Aran sweater. Oy...