Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simple 3 (Vogue 8392)

I am way behind on my sewing and knitting blogging. Remember the fabric I bought at Elfriede's on my Errand Adventure?  Well, 3/4 of a yard of this luscious pima cotton twill (bolt says made in Italy) became another Vogue 8392.
I picked this fabric because it had more body and was less sheer than most cotton shirtings.  However, I still lined the front with cotton/rayon voile.  Can you tell the slight difference in sheerness between the lined front and the unlined back?
I purchased the fabric on the errand adventure of July 26.  I took the finished photos of the top on August 23.  That's less than a one month turnaround for new fabric!  In contrast, the gray cotton/linen of the first iteration of Vogue 8392 marinated in stash for over 20 years.

Notice the absence of drag lines in the upper chest area when compared to Vogue 8392 Version 2.  For that one, I found the top too tight under the arm so I trimmed a little bit away from the bottom of the armhole.  Even then, I was not happy with pulling in the upper chest and the drag lines.

Hmmm.  I compared the shoulder slope to Simplicity and Burda top patterns, which fit me better.  What do you know, the shoulder slope is more pronounced in this Vogue top.  I flattened out the shoulder slope (making the shoulders more square) and that solved all three fitting problems!

I know that a white top is not terribly exciting.  I wish you could reach through your monitor and feel the luscious fabric.  (The mystery voile I picked up at SAS is also incredibly soft and might contain silk and/or rayon.)
My normcore look with a RTW cardigan.

BTW, Elfriede still has about a blouse/shirt length of this shirt-weight cotton twill left and she can order another bolt.  $14 a yard, 58" wide.  It's not among the fabrics featured on Elfriede's online store, but just describe the fabric to her or her staff and they will ship it out to you.


  1. It's rare that you find a shirt weight fabric that's not sheer these days. A nice piece to your wardrobe Grace.

  2. It is such a pleasure to sew soething that feels good but will also be a wardrobe staple. Lovely!


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