Monday, May 25, 2015

Bon Voyage

I'm feeling so much enviroguilt these days, I feel a compulsion to use every last scrap of fabric.  (Though that doesn't stop me from buying more--just less.)

I turned one of Bad Dad's frayed Hawaian shirts (bought on our Maui trip ~2004) into another Simplicity 2938. Do you recognize the black/white center panel from the duvet I made in February?
 The inside is finished in true grandma sewing style with flat-fell and French seams and bias binding.
I purchased 4-5 yards of this black/white ponte knit from SAS Fabrics years ago.  It didn't have enough stretch for the ski underwear that I tried to make for Iris.  But, she wore two pairs of yoga pants (Kwik Sew 2666) in successively larger sizes in this fabric.  Now she has another pair of Kwik Sew 2666 shorts.

There was still a little bit of fabric leftover.  A petite friend is going on 3 trips this summer and I thought the ponte would be make her a good travel skirt.

Because two of the trips are overseas, I put in a hidden passport pocket. The pocket is functional, but not fully functional.  Next time, I need to make it 1" deeper and move the opening/overlap up about 0.75".  My passport is in the pocket in the top photo.  Can you see it?
I put my passport in it to test.
This is the fourth knit skirt I have sewn from the bottom half of Vogue 1224.  Its subtle shaping is a cut above most knit skirts.

All three pieces were made from materials in my refashion bin or scraps bag.  OK, I used new thread and elastic.  This is my sartorial version of Stone Soup.

With this outfit, I get to say Bon Voyage to both this ponte and my friend.


  1. Enviroguilt is tenacious. You have taught me to see many things - cotton, the California and Mexico grown food in the supermarket - as embedded water. I see a lot of stuff as embedded carbon (especially CPC - cheap plastic crap). These days my cancer treatments involve a great deal of waste. WHY, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, WHY do you use styrofoam for for cups, plates, and bowls in your cafeteria?

    One book I read helped a bit. "Deep Earth" by Curt Stager, a paleoclimatologist, takes a very long view and finds a mixed blessing in our current elevated CO2 levels - we've cancelled the next ice age. He suggests that one reason we might want to stop burning carbon now is to leave future humans a stockpile that they can use to fend off the ice.

  2. p.s. Congratulations on your impending move. I love the way that you and Bad Dad are working out the geography of both of you being able to do good work.

  3. I resonate with the term "enviroguilt." Love the use of your "scraps" too. And I second the well wishes for your move and ability to have two households. Good luck--there is always some unexpectedness in a move--I hope your able to find positiveness in yours.

  4. Your enviro mindness is admirable. So glad you could reuse that print. It's such a classic.
    Any hidden pocket is still worthwhile making for travel. You have a lucky friend.


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