Sunday, May 03, 2015

The cheapest aquaduct

Am I the only one who thinks that William Shatner is not completely nuts? He has a point. When California is flush with water, the Pacific Northwest is (relatively dry). When CA is dry the PNW tends to have a surplus of water.

Last week, I read The West without Water (WWW), about the paleoclimatology of the American west.  I read it because I wanted to learn more about the PDO, Pacific Decadal Oscillation that some say is responsible for our drought.  It's not the best book for learning about PDO.

Correlation and anti-correlation of CA and PNW rainfall from The West without Water.
But, HOLY COW!  Paleoclimatology is fascinating.  And droughts like this and even more severe are common occurrences in the American southwest.

WWW deserves a longer and more thoughtful post later, perhaps in tandem with a discussion about Atmospheric Rivers.

I just want to point out that we don't need to literally import/export water between north and south.  It would be much more efficient to ship embedded water in the form of goods.

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