Sunday, May 17, 2015

Does this make me a granny?

I solved my exercise vs. errands dilemma again by running the errands by bike. This time, I tackled some gratuitous hills for added challenge.

I thought I was pretty strong because I barely used the lowest gear on my rear derailleur.  But, the shifts were not as clean as I expected; I checked the gear indicator on the shifters.  I did the first half of my bike ride in the "granny gear"!  (That link is pretty sexist and ageist, but explains why mountain bikers call it the granny gear.  Read this transmission mechanics link for how it works.)

I climbed the uphill without stopping--well, one red traffic light.  On the way down, I stopped to take pictures.

Hauling 50 pounds of groceries uphill to my apartment was a bonus workout.

Read the real reason I stopped to take this picture.

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