Sunday, May 24, 2015

Me Made May Heroes

I'm still participating in Me May May, but I have had trouble collecting documentary evidence due to the spectacularly dreary weather and my busy schedule. It has rained every single day in May.  Moreover, I work at 6,100' elevation and the rain clouds come upslope and stack up against the mountains.

Weather gods, where are our 300 days of Colorado sunshine?
May Boulder weather visualization from
In really cold weather, I wear RTW pants and a turtleneck and throw on one of my hand-knit sweaters.  In this in-between weather, I wear lighter RTW cardigans or a button-up shirt layered over a knit shirt.  Then I toss one of my me-made scarves over the outfit.
Most, but not all of these scarves were blogged.  Not all my me-made scarves are here in Boulder with me.  You can see more by clicking on the knitting or the shibori keyword tags.

I move into our newly remodeled condo in 6 days, yipes!

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  1. All the best with your move. I've only just caught up on MMM stuff and we've almost finished May:))


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