Thursday, February 04, 2016

Vogue 9951 Redux

This was my most-worn skirt last year.  Vogue 9951, linen, cotton (waistband) and rayon (lining).  Deets here and more photos here.

When I read The Lost Art of Dress and Art in Everyday Life, I understood why.
  1. Pockets
  2. A-line
  3. Pleats in FRONT provide striding room 
  4. Waistband that acts like a hinge when sitting
So I made another one using this stretch twill border print that I found at SAS.

The stretch goes selvedge to selvedge, perpendicular to the print.  This may have been why the fabric was available so cheaply at an odd-jobber.  The yardage photo shows the color most accurately.

I used Vogue 9951 View A, as before.  But, I made slant instead of in-seam pockets this time.

Back zip, two back darts, no lining.

It bells out nicely. The side seams of my first skirt pulled towards the front. I thought that meant that I need more belly room and added 1" at the CF. But, it might have been from sticking my hands in the pocket because it's a tad too loose. If I had more patience, I would take the waistband off and ease the skirt into a shorter waistband.

Or, I might just eat dessert more often.


  1. The skirt is beautiful. I like the dessert part...
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. Lovely skirt! I vote for more desserts

  3. Mmm, so beautiful! Looking at your photos I regret I don't like wearing skirts :)


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