Saturday, April 16, 2016

BOGO Refashion

Before I read about Wardrobe Refashion, I used to fall for "bargains" that weren't really bargains. I can't believe that a Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotion lured me to buy not two, but four square-necked t-shirts.

The neckline on all of them was always wonky.
Perhaps the reason why I didn't previously own any square-necked t-shirts was because they don't suit me?  Or that the necklines don't lay smoothly?

Two t-shirts in my refashion bin donated their neckbands to the cause.  Plus, I have turquoise and cobalt fabric to recycle into a future color-block shirt.

Two instant tops that go with my new skirt!
The colors work really well with my latest skirt, Vogue 9951.
A better look at the color (mis)match.
I used only my regular sewing machine.  (I find serger thread at the shoulders and neck uncomfortably scratchy.)  There was a little bit of stretching/buckling, but a steam iron took care of it.
I steam-pressed the necklines into smooth submission.
I'm spending the weekend inside, wrapping up WIPs for both work and home.  Can you believe the amount of snow predicted for this April storm?  12-18 inches, AGAIN.

I decided to make lemonade with lemons.  I'm going to experiment with snow-dyeing.  Stay tuned.


  1. Those are some of my favorite colors, excellent save. Have fun with snow dyeing; I love the effects that happened when I did it.

  2. These are great colours. I'm looking forward to your snow experiments.


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