Friday, June 24, 2016

I got nothing

I'm heartbroken for the people in Britain who are about to live in a smaller world, and for the ideas of multi-culturalism and international cooperation.

I'm also worried about the future of the somewhat* United States.

Let's pause a minute to look at a pretty view.  Just don't breathe deeply because of the wildfire smoke.
The view on my bike commute.
Feel any better?

Me, neither.

Wildfire season is starting earlier and lasting longer due to climate change.  Dealing with climate change is expensive, disruptive, and requires global cooperation.

Denying that it is happening is not changing the fundamental truth.  The laws of physics (and chemistry and biology) don't give a damn whether you believe them.  They are inexorable.

I'm fed up with the fact that low information voters get the same vote weight as people who seriously study the issues.  I'm fed up with dismissal of the expert opinions of people who spend year--decades--studying issues.

I'm even more fed up with laws like Proposition 13 in CA and TABOR in CO that allow a no vote on taxes and government spending to count twice as much as a yes vote.

We have to vote on every damn infrastructure project.  The people who vote against them are mostly older and won't be impacted by crumbling infrastructure.  Yet, the younger people paying for their social security and medicare don't get a say in the services and money given to seniors because that's an untouchable "entitlement."

I'm sick of generational warfare and the old eating the young.

Did you notice that a major plank of the leave campaign on #Brexit was the completely fictitious story that they would have a huge amount of extra money to spend on their National Health Service (which is mainly utilized by the old)?  How do you fight against such lies?

What happened in Britain is happening here.  What are you going to do to push back?

* Copied from Sarah Vowell's book title.


  1. Anonymous11:27

    I live in the UK. I voted remain yesterday and I'm gutted we lost by such a narrow margin. I hope this mistake helps others - and us - see there's work to do. And do it.

    Over to you guys to deal with the Trump thing. Good luck!

  2. Agree with everything you're saying here. I'm UK / US dual national. My young friends and family members all voted "stay," all my elderly friends and relatives voted "leave" as far as I can tell. WTF was Cameron thinking, the arrogance of the man. the most galling part is that he and SamCam will be just fine, floating away on an ocean of "consulting" work and so on.

    You are so right about educated vs. uneducated voters. as we are seeing here in the US as well. It chills the blood.

  3. I am heart broken too. Goodness knows what will happen both now and in the future.

    I only hope US is more sensible in November

  4. I agree....what can a person do , except educate themselves and try to educate others? I live in a VERY republican dominated area, and it seems like everyone you talk to (from 16-80) have drunk the Kool-aide and figure we are better off to just jump with Trump when he has not shown any substance! I would love to hear what steps American people are going to take.

  5. I'm also frustrated by Prop. 13 and the various problems it is causing in terms of skyrocketing housing prices in the SF bay area and the lack of incentive for existing homeowners to keep prices manageable.

    I'm also having a hard time not becoming very self-righteous about it, which doesn't do anyone any good. How do people not realize that resisting infill development in the city is leading to displacement and to sprawl in the central valley, which are both very very bad.

    1. When we were home shopping in LA, we quickly realized that our best bet was an urban infill townhouse with a 3.5 mi commute (easily done by bike.)

      When I hear people in Boulder* inveigh against infill and increasing density, I just want to scream in frustration.

      * Usually older homeowners or younger people who inherited homes here.

  6. What do you make of the YIMBY movement, which I guess recently had a conference in Boulder? They seem to be saying a lot that I agree with. I'm wary of movements, but on the other hand it's the only way that anything gets done.

    1. I'm watching it with interest, too. Like you, I'm wary of movements. I don't know if they are astroturf or real. But someone has to push back against NIMBY.


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