Friday, June 10, 2016

Bicycling + Fashion

My main sewing goal for this summer is to sew more clothes that facilitate bicycling to work and around town. Reasons/excuses that keep me from biking include darkness, rain and not wanting to hassle with changing clothes.

Bike Night recap: Why bike fashion matters gives some fashionable ideas for bicycling-compatible fashion.  Click the link to see many more ideas made by students at Otis.

The skirt on this dress ties up for bicycling, and unties for length once you get to your destination.

This bicycle jersey and tutu outfit doesn't transform, but check out her smile and that bike!
I'm not sure about bicycling in a tutu.  Even wide-legged shorts catch on my bicycle saddle.  Perhaps she wears the tutu off the bike and the leggings sans tutu on the bike?

Hmm, wrinkle-resistant wrap skirts to go over my bike shorts that I can stuff in my pannier?


  1. I think you're onto something.
    Jalie and Kwik Sew have skort patterns which you could adapt into your wrap skirt idea with built in bike shorts or not.

    1. My errands and commute are short enough that I don't need padded bike shorts. Any slim short that doesn't catch on my saddle nose will do. But, I like the idea of putting a skirt on over the shorts when I'm in a restaurant or walking to my office.


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