Thursday, August 11, 2005


I got kicked off my sister's fiber arts blog. Or rather, she said that I needed to find some other home for my non-fiber arts musings. She suggested blogger as a good home for my digressions.

I picked 'Bad Mom, Good Mom' because, while straightening out my daughter's room, I found a drawing of the two of us inside a heart and the words, 'Bad Mom', written across the top. I guess I have been putting in too much time at work. I also came across the book, 'Good Cat, Bad Cat', in her room. In the book, the cat was chastised for behaving disruptively. Then a mouse appeared and the cat chased it. Suddenly, the cat was praised as a good cat even though it was behaving the same way as before.

It is comforting, that behaviors that garner censure in one context can also be desirable in others.

What I meant to say is that, when I am a bad mom, I am a good employee ("ideal worker") and vice versa. I just can't make everybody happy at the same time--work, family, self. I do the best that I can.

There is a bit more about me at Tagged, You're It!
Proof that I am a very bad mom in Mommy don't go.


  1. Anonymous12:21

    I like your blog name and reasoning.

    However, I think your daughter was trying to write "dad" "mom" and "Iris" in the heart. She wrote the "d" backwards.


  2. Interesting theory. I will have to ask her to explain her intention when she created the drawing.

    Whatever her original intent, I can assure you that she gives me plenty of feedback on my job performance. At night, she tells me if I was a good mom or bad mom that day.

    Her father also gets job performance critique. Notice his blog is called Bad Dad.

  3. Oh my gosh. Your blog name is the story of my life? Just kidding. I love your musings and just found your blog. I'll be coming to visit more often.


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