Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who's Counting Anyway?

So we were eating, talking and laughing at the restaurant, and we counted up the number of vacations I took this year.
  • 3 weeks in New Zealand
  • 1 week skiing at Mammoth, California
  • 1 week in Maui, Hawaii
  • 1 week at the Lair of the Golden Bear in the Sierras
  • 1 week tandem bicycling in the San Juan Islands
  • 1 week in San Francisco Bay Area
In spite (or because of?) all this R&R, Mark and I were both shown appreciation at work. This is only my second cold of the year, par for a healthy person. A good year, indeed.

When Mark totaled up the medical flex-spending receipts, we didn't spend enough to recoup what we had set aside. In fact, I didn't spend enough on health care to justify the extra premiums for double coverage. But we both agreed that the true benefit of double coverage (with automatic cross-billing and coordination of benefits) is the ease of paperwork. We are double covering our entire family in 2009. Our health care delivery and tax systems were devised by lunatics or Machiavelli.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous17:32

    Vacations are really important to one's mental health!
    Glad you took the amount you really needed in 2008.
    Thanks for your work on your blog in 2008. I look forward to reading it in 2009.
    (I am also glad I live in Canada and have no real clue what the final paragraph means ...)
    Lisa in Toronto


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