Sunday, August 01, 2010

Me-Made-May (MMM) Wrap-up

It's August 1, so it is high time I write about Me-Made-May.  Remember when I wrote this?
The great thing about Me-Made-May is that we get to define our own rules for success.  I don't have any desire to make everything I wear.  But, I will challenge myself to wear something that I made or refashioned every day through May.  I did my semi-annual closet purge and inventory last weekend.  There were so many lovely things that I want to enjoy more often.

I don't have the time and energy to post every day, but I will try to post weekly through May, usually on the weekend.
Ha! I don't think I posted at all during May. It was part of the death march, so forgive me.

Instead, let me direct you to the Flickr Me-Made-May group photo pool.  Most of the participants are much younger than me and at the start of their sewing career.  For them, the challenge was to sew more items to carry them throughout the month and to fill gaps in their sewing resume.  That is, if they sewed mostly bottoms, then MMM gave them the impetus to sew more tops (or vice-versa).  For others, it was an exercise in self-reliance.

I enjoyed the performance art aspect of it, particularly Claudine's gorgeous outfits.  Her esthetic (see her Flickr album) is really close to mine, if I were 20 pounds thinner and had infinite amounts of time to sew.

For the record, I did wear something I made every single day in May.  Some days, it was a double bonus day because Iris wore something I made.  If you count Mark's pajamas, then we hit the trifecta on some days nights.

On this particular day, I was feeling under the weather and moped around the house in a bathrobe for most of the day.   When Mark invited me out to lunch, I tossed on a t-shirt and shorts, we dumped whatshername off at a playmate's house and went to the beach.  Do you notice something odd in this picture?

How about in the other direction?

The sea has a purplish cast because of an algal overgrowth called red-tide.  This one is pretty mild.  I searched the environmental monitoring websites and it didn't even get a mention on any of them.  The lifeguard also let people swim and play in the water.  (Actually, it might have been a good day to frolic in the surf because you didn't have to worry about getting tangled in fishing lines and hooks.)

When I got home, I realized that I hadn't made either the shorts or the t-shirt.  I thought I had blown Me-Made-May on May 30!  Then I realized that I spent the majority of the day in a me-made robe.  Whew!

Iris wants us to participate in Self-Stitched-September.  She says the new rules will be that a day counts if either of us wears something I we made.  We better get stitching then.  But, first, I need to clear that pink and green quilt off the sewing table.  (What was I thinking when I selected the colors?)

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  1. I'm thinking Self-Stitched-September looks good, especially if I throw in refashioned items and jewelry. I have to get sewing either way as my closet keeps shrinking and I am buying extremely little as too many things do not please me or are uncomfortable


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