Monday, October 18, 2010

Seam Avoidance 2

I still haven't sewn up October Frost, mainly because I am not sure how to handle the button bands and buttonholes.  But check out another seamless sweater!
Traveling ribs across the front.

Plain ribbed back
Front detail
  • Pattern: Cookie A's Katrina Rib 
    • A really nice top-down design knit in the round
    • My cable cast-on (written in pattern) looks wonky; next time, I will try a tubular cast-on
    • The sleeves were lengthened to 16 rows before the bind-off.  I also picked up extra stitches at the underarm join, which helped keep the rib pattern continuous
  • Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Garnet Heather
    • Is it really merino?  It feels so scratchy compared to other merinos I have used.  
    • I love the color.
    • Note to self, treat myself to better quality materials.  The price difference isn't very much after I factored in the time I spent with materials that didn't thrill and inspire me. 
    • I bought the yardage called for in the pattern, but I have about 120 g (of 350 g) leftover.
Cookie A made this a shareware pattern. Users are expected to donate what they wish for Haiti. Coincidentally, OxFam called our home and asked for a donation for Haiti earthquake relief.  I asked how much we donated last year and then pledged the same amount this year.

This pattern turned out to be the most expensive pattern I ever bought.  ;-)

Seam Avoidance 1


  1. What a pretty sweater! I love the color, very fall

  2. It is a really pretty sweater.


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