Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Household Sewing

This was some of the most boring sewing I did all year. But it was necessary.

Ten years ago, we bought a bag of rags from Home Depot, sharing half with my MIL. The rags have worn down over the years and some have ripped to shreds. The absurdity of buying rags hit me. Rather than buy another bag, I asked my MIL if she had any old towels lying about.

Sure enough, she gave me three towels that had endured bleach accidents. (A reason why I don't bleach my laundry.) A few minutes with my rotary cutter and serger, and I had a stack of 10 rags.

The mop cover for the hardwood floor thingy was a bit more difficult. The HD replacement covers are too small for the mop that the hardwood floor installer left us. After struggling with covers that didn't fit, I decided to make my own to measure. The elastic was rather tricky and I broke a needle while stretching the elastic to fit the cloth. In the end, I had to resort to a combination of stretching the elastic and pushing the fabric through with an awl. It's done and a pile of stuff left the sewing room floor.

Why do I have so much stuff on the sewing room floor? Because when you make stuff from castoffs, like these three skirts and the little girls' blouse from 3 old sport-shirts, one old t-shirt and factory remnants, then people take give you more refashioning materials.
  • The gray skirts were blogged about in Hello Goth!.
  • The four-tiered skirt pattern was first introduced in Blue.
  • The pink hoodie was first seen in Two kits.
  • I haven't blogged about the little girl's skirt and blouse yet, but I made them back in January 2011. Notice that she put ultra-secret notes in the working pocket at the skirt hem.
I didn't make my t-shirt or sweater, but all the other clothes were made by me with cast-off materials. Well, I bought new thread and elastic.

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  1. Anonymous09:25

    Very cute, keep up the good work :)


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