Monday, January 09, 2012

Vogue 8605

Doesn't thislook much better than this?

It looked so sad and baggy on the dressform that approximates my figure, yet it looks so fabulous on Pennamite. The pattern illustration is deceptive. The simple-looking design contains no bust darts and it looked like a loose-fitting sack that would fit anyone.

In reality, it was an engineering marvel with bust darts incorporated into the shape of the collar, which were integrated into the front pattern piece. The body has only a front/collar and a back piece (aside from two rectangles for the button/buttonhole patches, pockets and a curved piece to finish the collar).

I finished it beautifully with bound seam allowances and a window buttonhole. I used a wool blend crepe (mostly wool from the way it behaves when steamed) and a small amount of linen/rayon plainweave for the contrast.

I sewed a size 12, which should fit my measurements. But it was huge. I might try making this for myself in a much smaller size (8?), but am not sure that it still wouldn't sag up front. It was engineered to flatter a womanly figure. If you've got one, then I heartily recommend this pattern for you.

It looked so great on Pennamite, and she took the lifetime Wardrobe Refashion pledge, that I offered to make her another one in a drapey graphic black/white check in my fabric collection. She replied that she would accept one, but wouldn't I want to make myself something from the fabric? What she doesn't know is that I have more than one black/white fabric. ;-)

I think the next one will have a giant snap so I can eliminate the buttonhole. I will also serge finish the seam allowances and hems, allowing her to add some of her crochet designs to trim the collar. Because we already have the fit worked out, it can be a 1 hr project. I can cut and sew while she crochets the edging.

Why do I want to foist clothing on a friend instead of sewing for myself? Have you seen the custom shoes and art handbags that she creates? You can purchase one of her creations at the Pennamite Zibbet store, or contact her for a custom commission.


  1. Oh good, you saw the link! Wish the earrings I wore were visible--little vintage cobalt-blue enameled leaf shapes, same color as the blue in the fabric.

    I never actually took the lifetime WR pledge; but I don't buy much new, and I do make and remake a lot, without a pledge. I might not have started painting bags and shoes without the nudge from WR.

    Thank you very much for the referral to my zibbet shop! Much appreciated!

  2. You're right - she is so cute in that jacket!! Vogue Women patterns are fairly generous. :)

    It's too bad it didin't work on you, but I'm glad you found a good home for it! (I plan to make this and will make a medium. I was able to try it on when several friends made it, and the medium will fit me, which goes to show it's very oversized.)

  3. I've learned in other patterns that the Vogue Woman patterns can be pretty generously sized. I wouldn't have anticipated that the jacket illustrated would fit so well on a curvier figure. A good illustration of how pattern illustrations don't show the whole picture, although the line drawing in this case seems to show the shaping a little better. The version on the model just looks too big.


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