Monday, March 05, 2012

The agile home

First Cloud shared how she and her husband juggle the logistics of two full-time careers and two kids in Having it all: The Logistics. Then FeMOMhist proposed a blog carnival for sharing logistical solutions in celebration of International Women's Day on March 8.

I got tired just reading Cloud's description of a typical day.

I have no tips to share. Marriage to a field scientist means that he will leave at the drop of a hat and come home--or not come home--based on so many factors beyond our control. My white blood cells go AWOL at the drop of a hat. And they appear to have gone south for the winter, hence my blog silence of late.

I feel like I am constantly reacting and juggling. I never reach a comfortable equilibrium.

I lamented this fact with a coworker today.

He says that I just have to rebrand my life. I am not reactive, I am agile. Well, he wrote the book on software architecture and he said that I was doing fine.


  1. I like the analogy with Agile development! I may use that... maybe my husband and I can rebrand our Friday night beers as a weekly scrum. Hmmm.

    You know, when Petunia is sleeping well, I'm not that tired from our routine. (When Petunia isn't sleeping well, just about everything seems tiring.) Both my husband and I are pretty high energy people, and we're both lucky to be fairly healthy (except for my mild asthma, which can make colds extra draining for me). We were pretty busy before we had kids- I used to go out every Tuesday night to play fiddle in an Irish session, and I kickboxed once/week and worked out at the gym twice a week.

    The part of the routine that wears me down is the dinner/bathtime/bedtime bit, which can feel a bit like a slog sometimes. But I'm getting better at mixing it up with leftovers or take out when I need it. And I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pumpkin is getting more and more self-sufficient and Petunia is getting less sensitive to variations in dinner time, so I can see that while I have several more years before it happens, this aspect will get easier.

    I'm a little afraid of what will happen when we have two different drop offs and pick ups- but I guess I trust us to figure that out. We'll see!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Chronic illness blows!


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