Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reading Tea Leaves

Bad Dad and others have asked if the high visibility of U.S. Satellite Plans Falter, Imperiling Data on Storms means I will be recalled to work soon.

I don't know.  I can't predict the future.  If someone had asked me 15 years ago, I would have never predicted that meteorology and data housekeeping, the inputs to keeping good climate records (my chosen profession), would become so highly politicized.  I can't believe that my career funding depends on such purposefully uninformed people.

When I was completing my PhD thesis in computational physics, Wall Street recruiters called me.  I said no, I wanted to use my technical background to help my country.  Now, I wonder if I made the right choice.  The pay differential is 10 to 1 and, I might not be unemployed today if I looked after myself before others.

It's a big weather week.  Let's talk about that instead.

But, when you do go to vote, think about which candidates support objective and rigorous science--and support funding the sciences.

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