Friday, January 18, 2013

Travertine and Malachite

I'm showing the most unflattering photo of myself because it shows off the beautiful color of this silk sweater best. My eyes look like I had too much wine at lunch.

In sunlight, you can see the complex texture and blue-green color of the Habu tsumugi silk. BTW, I used Berroco's free pattern, Jujuba, 2 cones of tsumugi silk and size 7 needles.

First course at the Getty Center restaurant.

After lunch, we toured the Florentine art and Mapplethorpe exhibits, then strolled the grounds.  We went mainly to see the Florentine art.  It's not every day that you can see seven Giottos.  However, I discovered that I prefer Daddi.  The Mapplethorpe was fantastic.  Go!

The travertine turns pink at dusk.

Bad Dad checks out the traffic on I-405 and says we better get a move on. 15 miles in 25 minutes during Friday afternoon. Not bad.

The color of this sweater reminds me of malachite.  The Getty center is completely faced in Italian travertine.  The stone travelled across the Atlantic, through the Panama canal (after being transferred to smaller boats that fit in the canal) and then transferred again to a larger ship for the Pacific journey.

A very fun date with Bad Dad.


  1. A beautifl sweater and definitely a striking color! Is that color sometimes called peacock?

  2. Beautiful sweater! I love the Getty Museum. Robber Baron $ well spent :)

  3. @ shams No, I wouldn't call it peacock. It's a complex melange of blue/green with flecks of black/gray. Donegal tweed, but made in Japan with silk. It's expensive, but I only used 2x1.7oz.

  4. What a lovely color your sweater is. The color and style look great on you. Don't you just love Habu? I'm working on a stainless steel, silk and wool scarf from Habu yarn. Too cool for school!

  5. Beautiful. The color and texture are perfect. (I love Habu yarns. Got to make a pilgrimage to their NYC shop last summer - such fun to see and touch the subtle colors and fiber mixes. I'm now about halfway through a scarf of wool, stainless steel, and silk, in a similar color to your sweater...)

  6. Love the sweater! Now I feel the urge to dive into my stash to see what I might have.


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