Monday, September 23, 2013

After the rain

The air is sooooo clear.

We drove over water to get to grandma's house.

Just kidding.  The new Bay Bridge span is so new, my GPS doesn't know about it.

I was born on an alluvial plain by the sea and I spent the bulk of my childhood on another low-lying island (in the SF Bay).  Neap tides each year build community spirit as people fill sandbags together on the levee.  I take sea level rise personally.

Rather than making grandma cook, we let Cooking Papa do it instead.  (Photo taken while waiting for a table.)  And, yeah, I am grateful to have lived in some pretty nice places.

Unfortunately, we did not see either Bay Bridge troll.

We did see Richard Diebenkorn and Bulgari at the De Young.  We highly recommend both.  More later.

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  1. What lovely pictures! The clouds over the houses near the water is lovely! and I laughed when I saw the GPS picture!


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