Monday, October 28, 2013

Technology Graveyard

Our PC completely died last month, but it was behaving strangely and overheating dangerously for at least a year before that. Before we smashed the hard drive with a hammer and sent it to an e-waste facility, Iris removed some parts for future projects.

She took over my sewing room on Friday night and spent much of Saturday busily working in there. I walked in on Saturday night to see this art installation.

Of course, there is the "blue screen of death."  I am not happy that she emptied the blue color cartridge to print that out.  However, I do understand her point that there was no other way to achieve white print on a blue background.  Grrr.  .Must.  .bite.  .tongue. in the name of art.

I "harvest" Bad Dad's old, worn shirts for fabric and buttons.  She found the eyes for her voodoo doll from that button box.  She found the cotton fabric, left over from an unblogged recent sewing experiment, in the scrap bin.  Originally, she used my expensive steel sewing pins (for use with magnetic pin cushions) so I took them back and substituted cheaper pins that I don't care if I lose.

The mini-pumpkins materialized in our CSA box last week.  I like how she combined an organic and local pumpkin with toxic e-waste from a global supply chain.  I have to ask her to write an artist's statement of how she came up with the idea.  ;-)

Manual typewriters enjoy an allure amongst the young who have never used one in real life.  She infused it with equally exotic (to her) Dia de los Muertos imagery.

We have old floppies in the house, but she made this paper replica instead.

Enjoy the Flickr set of the rest. I'll add to it after we carve the big pumpkin and install the artwork outside.

* I decided NOT to crop the mess in the studio so you can see what my workspace really looks like.


  1. My workspace is messy too. Art is chaos. Never trust a skinny chef or a clean artist. Jim won't let me take a picture, so I 'll wait til he's gone and snap one for you. You are not alone, fellow messy artists. (I would been cross about that ink too.)

    1. I'm still waiting for your photos.

  2. She really is a focused one, isn't she! Determined and talented to boot!

  3. If anyone reads these, the Dia de los Muertos calavera is a completely unrelated project for Spanish 2. It's hard to procrastinate when you're already doing crafty stuff.

    1. The new inkjet cartridges arrived so you are forgiven.


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