Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Color Inspiration

I was quite smitten by Carolyn's color palette for her sewing plan. (Image below is © Carolyn Smith and used with permission.)  The grays, the whites, the ochre.  I just loved it.
It kind of reminded me of this Georgia O'Keefe painting.  Image courtesy of the Georgia O'Keefe museum.
A friend, visiting from the midwest, and I went to LACMA on Sunday and what did we see from the staircase of BCAM?  Look at the fresh paint job on Park La Brea.  Do those colors look familiar?

What about the color palette of this landscape from the permanent collection of LACMA?

I just love the hot pink in the shadows of the hills and the flashes of teal in the rocks at the bottom.

ModPo finished up this week.  Do you enjoy visual rhymes?

BTW, we went to LACMA to see the Vernon photography collection and David Hockney's Yorkshire Landscape Videos.  If you are a photography buff, it's a great time to visit LACMA.  They are showing photo portraits by Edward Steichen and Photography of the Suburbs. Tyler Green shows some photos of Art and California’s ribbons of road. As usual, he has smart observations about art, artists and how we inhabit our landscape.


  1. I do enjoy visual rhymes. Colors make me happy. I sometimes stack a bunch of different fabrics together just to enjoy the combinations. I put swatches together on my wall and live with them awhile to see if they can be together permanently.

  2. Those drawings remind me of Fashion Plates! (Are they?)

    P goes to LACMA for art class every Saturday. Maybe I'll tag along this week.

    1. Yes, they are from a fashion sketchbook that you can buy. See Carolyn's blog for more info about that.

  3. Gorgeous colors, and the O'Keeffe is spot on. I'm too prosaic to use art for inspiration, usually, but this is making me think I should broaden my horizons.


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