Saturday, June 07, 2014

First Colorado Make

When I told a Boulder friend that I was moving back to Boulder and will be splitting my time between CA and CO, he asked where my sewing studio would reside. Astute question. My main sewing machine and serger will reside in my main residence, of course.

I consider myself settled in because I unpacked all boxes, cooked some meals and sewed something.

My apartment has oddities such as a linen closet that opens to the bathroom (and doorless to boot)! I calculated how many bins of fabric and yarn I could fit in the apartment and only brought a portion of my stash. However, this lovely ecru/blue cotton that I originally found on the free share table at South Bay Quilt Guild made the trip to CO with me.

It wasn't quite long enough, so I pieced it at the bottom. I wanted it to puddle slightly to block dust and moisture. CO natives laugh because they claim moisture is not a problem. However, does anyone else remember the summer where the combination of swamp coolers and above normal rainfall led to a mold problem in the Norlin library stacks?  What a mess!

Before the move, when I was laid up in bed with dual sprained ankles, I laid in bed and knitted two "Absorba" log cabin bathroom mats.  I place one by the tub, another by the sink.  I used up nearly my entire supply of white cotton and a significant chunk of the cone of blue yarn I found at Marukai.
I felt so virtuous in using up stuff I already had, that I made a date this morning to check out Colorado Fabrics, formerly Denver Fabrics (and not associated with the internet fabric store out of St Louis that calls itself Denver Fabrics).  I went in to get a zipper, and walked out with all sorts of other goodies.  The new owner has some .great. fashion industry contacts.  The quality and selection of designer overstocks and closeouts and the prices compare favorably with The Fabric Store in Los Angeles.

I got a little bit overenthusiastic and my friend was a great enabler.  But, I rarely encounter cotton as fine as silk, in colors I love, for $8/yard.  I bought two coordinating fabrics.  One is an uneven plaid in navy/blue/teal/white.  The other shares the same threads, but is woven in such a way so that it has teal stripes on one side and cobalt blue ones on the other.  They will be fondled a great deal, even if they don't get sewn up this summer.  I am combing my pattern collection for a suitable shirtdress pattern.

See my first Absorba log cabin garter stitch bath mat.

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  1. Yes, you are settling in! I love that you used stash and those bath mats are really cute.


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