Saturday, November 15, 2014

On the needles

I am OBE and unable to muster the mojo to say more than this is one of two bolster covers.  I just need to sew the liners, insert zippers, and knit three more ends.  Well, a final block for the round ends would be good.


  1. I like that! What is the pattern and the yarn?

    I am in need of pillow and bolster covers. At my knitting speed I should have the full set in about three years.

  2. I made up the pattern using cable patterns I found in books and on Ravelry. I used my washed swatch gauges and the size of the pillow form to design them. I have to tell you that I am a fast knitter and this took me a loooong time. I made a pair and it was as much work as an adult fishermans' sweater.

  3. Thanks! I think I could handle the cabled rectangle -- the ends seem tricky. Maybe a hybrid fabric/knit solution would work.


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