Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Simplicity 1621 in the wild

As promised, I wore my new linen shell out to the beach for a photo-op. I took the voile shirt off for the picture, but quickly put it back on for sun protection. This is what passes for print-mixing chez BMGM.

In the photo below, you can see that we ate a ginormous brunch at Uncle Bill's Pancake House before our walk.  In the photo above, you can see wee evidence that I have started lifting weights again.

I pinched out about 1/2" in the center back neck.  This is a common alteration for me as my upper chest is wider than my upper back.  The back fits ok, but I think a center pleat would give me the floaty effect I was after.
I couldn't get a photo of the top's twin.  The pattern is drafted for a B-cup.  The recipient of the other top is a C-cup.  Her top fits well in the full bust, but is a bit too loose in the upper chest.  If I made her another one, I'd cut one size smaller in the shoulders and do a pivot and slide alteration to make room for the full bust.

LA's heat wave--90 F at the beach in March--is abating.  We've been walking at the beach every day, as have a huge number of Angelenos.

 As we were descending the stairs from the pier to the beach, a lifeguard pulled up in his jeep and ran up the stairs to the restroom.  The lifeguards were busy all weekend.  They estimate that as many people visited the beach last weekend as on a typical July 4th weekend.

The real-life vehicles look very similar to the ones on the Baywatch TV show, but the costumes do not; the swimsuits on TV are much skimpier.

The real lifeguards are also generally older and more ethnically diverse than the TV cast.  That's true for every TV show or movie set in LA.

Bad Dad is more interested in power walking than sewing.

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