Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wurm 1

I let a badly-written sweater pattern steal my knitting mojo for months.  Don't you hate that when a pattern is highly rated by a few (15) people on Ravelry, possibly only the designer's friends, and the instructions are incomprehensible?

I am not a novice knitter, but this pattern defeats me. I downloaded it in English first. It made no sense. I downloaded it in German to see if something was lost in translation. It still made no sense.  (I learned how to knit while I was an exchange student in Germany so I learned to read German patterns before English ones.)

I don't mind the 5.90 Euros as much as the time wasted.

These past few weeks have been so stressful, I need an easy knitting project to help calm me down in the evenings.

Wurm, with 12,837 projects on Ravelry, looked like an easy and useful make.  The pattern is free and well-written.  I stopped by Shuttles, spindles and skeins on the way home last Friday to get 100 g of something DK, non-scratchy, and machine washable.  Almost done!


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