Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Freegan pillows

I sewed two more AB reversible pillows used gleaned fabrics. Do they qualify as freegan makes?
If cars become classic at 25, does 20 yo fabric qualify as vintage*?
I picked up the red and white polka dot pique from the "share" table at a South Bay Quilters' Guild meeting.  There was just enough for me to cut two fronts to cover these 16"x24" pillows.

Primary theme in my bedroom reading alcove.
I picked up the blue and white ribbed fabric from the kids' free bin near the entrance of Denver Fabrics the first time I lived in Colorado, sometime in the 1990s.

Colorado Fabrics continues the scrap bin tradition. You can drop off your scrap fabrics (or ones you know you will never use) in the bin as you enter.  Kids can pick up donated scraps from the bin without charge. Adults pay for the scraps by the pound and the proceeds go to charity.

In the 1990s, DF was not set up to charge for the scraps yet. I looked so pathetic (and I was a student at the time) the cashier let me take the blue and white piece I coveted anyway.

I had white thread and two 20" zippers in my supplies.  (Don't look carefully; they are not the same color.)

I purchased the pillow forms at Crate and Barrel, so they are not a completely gleaned project.  I'm counting this as a recycling win, though.

BTW, these are the 6th and 7th pillows I made since moving back to Colorado.  I've used pillow forms from Wawak, CF and Crate and Barrel.  They've all been too soft.

Does anyone know a source of firmer synthetic pillow inserts with fabric covers that you can throw in the wash?  (I'm allergic to dust and wash my pillow inserts in hot water occasionally.)

* I read that clothing is vintage at 20-100 years old.  100+ years makes it antique.  If we apply the same definition to components, such as fabric and patterns, then I sew vintage quite often.  These pillow covers are both freegan and vintage!

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  1. NuFoam? I've used it from a roll for chair seats, and have been happy so far. It's touted as a replacement for regular slab foam, and can be washed and it doesn't stay wet forever like regular foam. But I don't see NuFoam pillow forms on the Fairfield site, so you might need to make your own forms. On the plus side, you could make them any size you want. Perhaps cut a foam piece slightly smaller than the pillow, and wrap in batting? Or cover and use as a center core surrounded by softer cushy fill?


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