Saturday, June 03, 2017

Bee Fabric

I lost my blogging mojo after the November election.  I wrote up a very angry post the day after the election.  Decided to sleep on it before hitting post, and then decided to put it on hold for a while.  I'm back with a mix of short and longer pieces, depending on mojo.

Can I say how how thrilled I am that Ananya Vinay won the National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling a fabric, Marocain?

TBH (to be honest), until this week, I thought Marocain was a type of dress or coat. I didn't know it meant Moroccan crepe fabric.

I would further like to point out that the social media star trolling Trump on Twitter is an UC Berkeley alumna, Lauren Naturale.

The resistance is female--and Californian.

Go, Bears!


  1. Anonymous05:09

    My grandma had marocain dresses, church level dress up, I recall bright dark colors and sparkly brooch/necklace/earrings to go along with it. I love a contest with an appropriately impressive trophy but I can't watch it, too much empathy for the kids eliminated....


    1. To some people, fabric memories are as strong as food or scent memories. ;-)

  2. I lost my mojo for so many things after the election. I continue to resist, create, and resist some more. It is exhausting. My fear is that #45's crazy will become our new normal and people will stop reacting.


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