Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Book storage goals

We are drowning in books, DVDs and fabric chez BMGM. Instead of unpacking boxes still in the garage 4 months after my move, I'm reading and streaming instead.

Does anyone else watch K-dramas for design ideas? I want to move into the sets for Chicago Typewriter (as long as someone else does the cleaning and dusting.)

This is the entrance to the hero's study where he writes his novels.
Bird's-eye view of the inner sanctum.
We meet the nemesis (a novelist/plagiarist) when they shoot a PSA in a library together.
The office of the nemesis.  He may be a villain, but his office has clerestory windows and wraparound bookshelves.  This would be great for our urban townhouse, where our views are of the apartment building next door.
Great sweaters, too.

Korean Wave (Hallyu) – The Rise of Korea’s Cultural Economy & Pop Culture

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