Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Water-Energy Nexus

Since moving back to California, I joined the League of Women Voters California Water Committee aka the Water Buffaloes.  Volunteers around the state that monitor happenings in California water and try to educate the public so that we can make better collective decisions.  

There are so many people who benefit from operating in obscurity, they sow disinformation so they can keep the doing the things that benefit them, but harm the rest of us.  Shoveling against the tide of misinformation never stops.

One of the hallmarks of LWV is that we update our knowledge by keeping abreast of regulatory changes and new knowledge.  I help out with the science stuff, and I work with other volunteers with expertise in law, journalism and education.

In order to help update the public's knowledge about California, we are writing a new series about California Water and the League.  I especially like the cartoon because Climate Change has changed everything about California water and I don't think most people have realized how much danger we're in.

Four of the planned eight articles are currently posted, and more will be dropped monthly.  I've written Water is Related to Everything and The Water-Energy Nexus.  The editor took out this great graphic showing the State Water Project and the relative heights of the water lifts needed to reach SoCal.

Did you know that water uses account for 19% and 30% of CA electricity and natural gas consumption respectively?

And that it's circular.  Water has embedded energy. Energy has embedded water?  Read The Water-Energy Nexus

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