Sunday, May 21, 2006


Suppose you are trying to live a low carbon lifestyle by living in a moderately dense urban infill neighborhood close to work, play and public transportation. You have neighbors within 10-20 feet in all directions and not much vegetation to absorb the echoing noise.

Wouldn't it be neighborly to keep noise to a minimum? That way, more people could learn how easy it is to live a low carbon lifestyle. There would be less incentive for people to move to sprawling suburbs. The new urbanist utopia!

Why then, does my neighbor allow his son to hold band practice in the garage ALL WEEKEND LONG?

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  1. I have a musical neighbor too. The difference is that he is a talented professional, so I actually enjoy hearing the pleasant sounds of his guitar wafting up from below in the evenings.

    It does seem like the new urbanism should feature tuneful street-corner a cappella groups rather than high school garage bands, but at least they are not terrorizing the local animals and little old ladies. Next week ask nicely if they can turn their amps down after half an hour or so.