Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shibori Slideshow

Last week, I attended a shibori workshop taught by Joy-Lily. We wrapped the silk scarves around cylindrical objects. As you can see, a Trader Joe's coffee can works quite well. We tied the scarves with crochet thread and painted diluted Procion H dyes on the scarves and string. (The dyed string makes interesting designs when reused later on another scarf.)

When the scarf is untied, it looks a bit like a sea-shell. This one is a chevron pleat design.

The scarves air-curing in the laundry room.

A close-up of the sampler scarf I made in class first.

The clothesline with shibori and Devore satin scarves I dyed in Procion MX and white vinegar on my own at home.

[The corn and tomatoes have grown somewhat since I took the picture. We do use a clothesline in the big, bad city. We have never lost any clothing from the line, though a neighbor did leave throw his surf towel on our line when he tossed it on the fence to dry.]

More Shibori adventures here and here.

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  1. wow, this is gorgeous stuff, grace! what an amazing day you had!


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