Monday, May 22, 2006

Bicycle Commuting and Bike-to-Work Challenge

Today's LA Times has several articles about bicycle commuting in the health section. Our cycling club member and acting president, Dan Gutierrez, is even quoted on the front page of the section.

Click here for the LA Times' list of tips and resources. If you work in the El Segundo employment center (along with over 100,000 people), and you would like to try bicycle commuting, contact our bicycle club. One of our 'bike buddies' volunteers will assist you in choosing equipment and routes. We will try to find someone to ride the route with you your first day or so. Sometimes, people will want to try riding in for the first time on a weekend before tackling the ride on a weekday. That's okay, too. Our volunteers need the exercise.

It was great to read about the Bike-to-Work Challenge. When I first moved from Boulder to LA and tried to explain the contest to a room full of the commuter services coordinators of the large employers in El Segundo, I got many blank looks. 7 years later, it is the highlight of the week.

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  1. That was a good article. I am in no shape to commute by bike all the way from Santa Monica every day, but I was impressed by Dan's folding bike! I am weighing the cost and (in)convenience of a subsidized Metro pass instead.


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