Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Score Yourself

Mark sent me this link and told me to rate myself. With only the first page to work with, there is no way to score higher than 25. I am doomed to be a very poor wife, indeed.

Tiabla posted the rest of the three-page test, along with the companion husbands' test. You can read more about the test in Husbands, rate your wives in the Monitor on Psychology.

Better an average wife than a lame-duck spouse.


  1. Anonymous20:55

    We were given something similar when we were going through the required church counseling before we got married.

  2. I'm amused that I'm not allowed to wear pajamas while cooking, and less amused to find later that I'm not allowed to wear them to bed either. When exactly, if ever, is it appropriate to wear pajamas?

    Between the bizarre pajama prohibition and the discouragement against putting one's cold feet on one's husband to warm them, I conclude that the only way to become a perfect wife is to freeze to death in the night with a smile on one's face.


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