Sunday, May 04, 2008


Sunset over Lanai, as viewed from our lanai.

Yesterday, Iris and I practiced snorkeling in the hotel pool. This morning, I took her to the beach to try snorkeling near a reef.

While I was preoccupied with my own snorkeling equipment, Iris accidentally took off her snorkel valve. She found the soft silicone valve so compelling, she had to play with it, and squish it all around. Then it fell off and she asked what it was.

I saw it in the sand, just as a wave took it away forever, into the Pacific. I hope a marine animal does not swallow it and die.

She says it was an accident. But, the animal will be no less dead whether it was accidental or deliberate.

Now we can discuss how the snorkel valve works.

We went in anyways, Iris without her snorkel. We saw many colorful fish. And she repeatedly told me she loved me. After all, mommy showed her the underwater world.

Daddy is working hard every night at the observatory at the top of the volcano.

I forgot to mention, we are in Hawaii this week.

*Correction: Iris says I got the incident all wrong. She says that she thought he squishy valve piece was a piece of get that did not belong there. So she removed it.


  1. Lucky you! Always wanted to go to Hawaii... The photo is spectacular. Your story could have been mine... They have such inventive justifications, don't they. And then, when that never works, out pours the compliments lol. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Anonymous14:07

    Oh I love Lanai. Have a great time.

  3. Gorgeous sunset!


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