Saturday, May 31, 2008

The truth trickles out

Iris finally shared that she did not cut her hair so short while attempting to trim off her split ends. She was emulating June B. Jones in Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy.

And to think that some parents want to ban Junie B. Jones from school libraries because they are afraid that their kids will pick up slang words!*

I should have realized something was up when she agreed to and then reneged on the mommy and me haircuts at the "haircut store". First she said that she liked her hair long, then she agreed to just having her split ends trimmed. When I picked her up early from daycare on the agreed upon day, she threw a tantrum and said that she wasn't ready to cut her hair yet. She patiently watched and waited while my hair was cut. Suspiciously calm after a melt-down. She was planning it back then. I am so blind.

The next weekend, when she went to a sleepover birthday party, another mom admired Iris' haircut and asked for the name of the salon. Mark notes that although people admire the nice wedge hairstyle she gave herself, no one has ever suggested that Iris cut their hair.

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* It is pointless. If the kids don't pick up slang from their parents, they will pick it up from each other in the school yard. Iris talks one way in the school, and another way around adults. She calls it "blending in". She says I should try it sometime.

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  1. *laughs mercilessly at the idea that I ever blended in in elementary school*