Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

I took the tandem in for a tuneup and learned they have a long wait list of bikes that also require attention. I am glad that so many people are using bicycles for transportation AND fun. Recently, newspapers are full of stories of people bicycling instead of driving. I will provide just a few links.

For the Hard Core, Two Wheels Beat Four
What a good idea! A meet-up place for long-distance bicycle commuters. It is kind of an informal carpool without cars.

About the Mandeville Canyon "war" between bicyclists and motorists.
Conflict rides a narrow road
Cyclists and motorists -- maybe we can get along
See the video of good cooperative behavior between bicyclists and motorists starring our bike club acting president, Dan Gutierrez.

Aside about Bicycle Commuting in the South Bay:
If you would like to get started bicycle commuting in the South Bay, you are welcome to contact our bicycle commuting club for route information, tips and a personal "bike buddy". It can be intimidating to bicycle commute for the first few times. We will ride with you and show you the ins and outs.

"Speaking" of ins and outs, there is also much local information that isn't written down anywhere. It's not a conspiracy. Some of the area employers are in a legal bind. Their transportation coordinators want to encourage more employees to ride. Their health care administrators also want employees to be more active. But, for legal reasons, they do not wish to publish maps that show bicycle routes cutting through their private property.

Contact your employer's transportation coordinator for info about your area. Ours showed a map put together cooperatively between several major area employers with dotted lines showing possible paths through parking lots and private roads. Some employers are cooperative, some are VERY unfriendly. Hint, the movie studios are patrolled by VERY unfriendly guards. Do not attempt to ride through either the movie studios or the military base.

Ride safely and predictably, obeying all traffic laws. Be courteous. Behave like you know what your are doing and where you are going. Keep your photo badge handy to flash at security guards if they ask for one. I've never been asked for one, but others have. It doesn't matter if you don't work for that particular company, it is enough to show that you are going to work nearby and aren't a threat to public safety. (That's why it is important to obey traffic laws, whether you are a motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian.)

From the archives:
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