Sunday, July 13, 2008

She's too clever

Iris has developed a habit of running away into her room and locking the door as a work avoidance measure. The doorknob fell off the hallway closet. We went shopping for doorknobs.

The plan was to lure Iris with pretty crystal passage doorknobs so that she would allow us to swap out her locking privacy doorknobs.

Nothing doing. She saw through that right away and asked the sales lady to be sure to get down the kind with a lock.

We also replaced the doorknobs on the downstairs bath. It would have looked odd to have new doorknobs on the closet door and corroded 18 year old builders' grade knobs 3 feet away on the bathroom door.

Mark says that it took several times longer to install the Nostalgic Warehouse Crystal Knob than the two sets of Schlage Sienna Knobs downstairs. He observed during the installation process that the Schlage is better engineered. The parts fit together more easily and the design of the locking mechanism is superior.

Iris found this out when she locked herself into her room today and could not open it from the inside after she had unlocked it. I told her we can exchange it for the passage door knob set so that doesn't happen again. She refused. ;-)

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