Sunday, July 13, 2008


Birgitte and her Rock Star came over for a mommy and me playdate today. Birgitte was kind enough to help me fit the cover for an Uniquely You dress form. I have no idea how long she thought she was going to help. I thought it would take a couple of hours. It ended up taking all afternoon and we still weren't done.

I worked on it a little bit more this evening and the cover is now zipped up over the foam dummy. The cover needs to relax for a few days before the final fitting. Birgitte was kind enough to offer to return in a couple of weeks for that. That works out because the only way we could get the girls apart was to set a firm date for the next playdate. ;-)

Thank-you so much, Birgitte. You did such a meticulous job. Of course, anyone who reads Bubblegum 4 Breakfast would expect nothing less.

I have to go out of town for work next week. Pictures of the dummy and Iris' performance will be posted after my return. In the meantime, can you help me name the dummy? I don't think she wants to be called a dummy forever.

Birgitte prepped Rock Star for the playdate by showing her pictures of Iris on this blog. (I did the same.) Iris was upset because, when she showed off her new dress, Rock Star said she had already seen it. Moreover, Rock Star had seen nearly all Iris' dresses on this blog.

Iris wailed how is she going to surprise anyone with her fashion choices if I plaster her clothes all over the internet?

I told her that I only post the things that I make. This is, after all, a creative blog.

This will be a subject of further reflection and negotiation.


  1. My sistr had an antique dress form she named Matilda. When she got cancer and moved, her husband left Matilda behind. She made an effort to retrieve Matilda, but was unsuccessful. It is a cute name.

  2. Matilda is taken. Purls and Murmurs/sewdistracted named her dress form Matilda first. I wonder if the baby name voyager can help?


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